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4 Tips for Stress-Free Traveling with Kids

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

As a parent, traveling might feel overwhelming. Maybe you’re alone with a crying baby on an

airplane, or your bored toddler won’t stop screaming in the backseat. Some destinations require

more preparation than others, such as packing enough toys, a high chair, or a potty seat.

Carrying all that baggage around can be draining — physically and emotionally.

Traveling with kids isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming. Follow these tips

from Hawley Farm Glamping to make the journey as much fun — if not more — than the final


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Combine Entertainment and Education

Many parents struggle to find a balance between education and entertainment, especially when

traveling. You don’t want your kids to become lethargic and zoned out, which can often happen

when they’re overexposed to technology. However, when used properly, tablets and laptops can

keep them entertained — and happy — for extended periods of time. So, before your next plane

ride or road trip, consider purchasing a kid-friendly laptop or tablet equipped with educational

games like PBS Kids Games or a blockbuster movie they missed in the theatre. Be sure to look

for a laptop that is durable and has a long battery life, and if you opt for a tablet, don’t forget to

purchase a backup source of power for when you’re on the road.

Stockpile the Snacks

Nothing helps distract from a crisis and ease boredom like a snack, and that is true for both kids

and parents. Before embarking on a lengthy road trip, load up on dried fruits, popcorn, and

crackers for those long stretches between food stops. Food has many uses during travel; for

example, it can help break up an argument between kids or serve as a reward for good

behavior. It can also spark a conversation when the entertainment has worn thin. Planning

snacks can be a lot of fun, especially when they are combined with a break at a unique rest stop

with a playground or a detour off the freeway and on a scenic drive through the mountains.

Create a Sense of Comfort and Security

Children thrive off routine and the familiar, so while traveling can be fun and exciting, it can also

be nerve-wracking for them. If possible, take along some creature comforts of home, such as

your child’s blanket and pillow, a favorite toy and some of their most cherished books. It’s also

to have on hand a day’s worth of clothes, pajamas, and a toothbrush in case of a long delay.

When it comes to your diaper bag, be sure it’s stocked in case there is a blowout on the plane.

But think of non-baby necessities, too, like extra hair ties, hand sanitizers, and headphones.

Make Up Interactive Games

Break up the drive or the layover with interactive games that encourage thinking and

cooperation. An airport scavenger hunt can be easy to prepare and will get your kids active

during a long layover. Car games like I Spy, 20 Questions and the Alphabet Game will stimulate

their minds, while also getting them chatting and communicating. For the littlest ones, bring a

brand new toy and wrap it in paper. They’ll have loads of fun just figuring out how to unwrap it

and open it, let alone the excitement of having a new toy to play with.

Each time you travel with your children, you will come across a new challenge, make a new

mistake, and learn a new lesson. While you can do your best to be prepared, something will

inevitably happen that you aren’t prepared for. Remaining calm and going with the flow will also

keep your kids calm and flexible. So, accept that fact before you even leave the house and

you’ll have found the key to low-stress travel with kids.

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