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Fun Things to Do Around Town While Social Distancing

After months of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all getting a little sick of spending time at

home. Fortunately, as things begin to reopen, there are plenty of local options for safe

entertainment. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with nature or enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant, get your family out of the house for some social-distancing fun!

Here are some ideas to inspire your local family adventures:

Take a Camping Trip

Heading into the great outdoors for a family camping trip will be a wonderful break from all that time spent cooped up inside your house.

● Stock up on a few pieces of essential camping gear before you head out.

● Keep your camping trip fun and interactive for your kids by exploring new areas, looking

for wildlife, and bringing a field guide.

● If you’re dreaming of a luxury retreat under the stars, book a stay at Hawley Farm


● Prefer to stick close to home? You can also observe wildlife from the comfort of your

own backyard.

Get Active in New Ways

There are plenty of fun ways to exercise outside. Get your family excited about some new

outdoor adventures!

● Venture out on a local trail for an energizing hike through the woods.

● Rent a kayak and set sail on a local lake.

● Sign your family up for an outdoor yoga class in the park.

● If your family has a thirst for adventure, try mountain biking!

Share a Meal Outdoors

While you may be hesitant to visit a sit-in restaurant in the middle of a pandemic, there are

several other ways to enjoy a meal with your family while you’re out on the town.

● Many restaurants have opened up their patios for outdoor dining.

● You could also assemble a basket of delicious snacks and head to a local park for a

family picnic.

● If you have a portable grill, take your backyard BBQ somewhere new.

● Start a fire in your own backyard and let your kids have fun roasting their dinner on


While things may not go back to normal for a while, there are still several ways your family can enjoy the beautiful summer weather during the pandemic. Get out of the house, explore your city, and take advantage of all the beautiful nature around you. Your family is bound to have a blast!

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