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How To Re-Energize By Going Off The Grid For An Outdoors Vacation

Everyone needs time away from their devices. Unplugging and heading for an outdoor-oriented vacation may be just what the doctor ordered to help you recharge your body, reset your mind, and refuel your love of nature. Today, Hawley Farm Glamping touches on the benefits of the good old outdoors.

Escape From Technology

First, and perhaps most importantly, going on an “unplugged” vacation gives you a chance to escape the constant barrage of technology and reconnect with the natural world. We live in a hyper-connected society, where screens dominate our attention and social media gives us an unrealistic expectation of reality. When you pull away from all of the digital noise, you get to breathe the fresh air, feel the ground between your toes, and remember how to engage with your surroundings.

Physical Well-Being

In addition to the mental health benefits of being outdoors, time in nature has proven to have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. Outdoor activities, like hiking, swimming, biking, and fishing, offer great opportunities for exercise and fitness. When you engage in these types of activities in a non-structured environment, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of exercise while enjoying the scenery.

Calm And Collected

Being outdoors also makes you calm. Sunshine, trees, babbling brooks… All of these things can help alleviate mental fatigue and reduce anxiety. Importantly, research shows that spending time in green spaces can even enhance your problem-solving abilities and improve cognitive function.

How To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Escape

Start by deciding what you love. If you enjoy the sound of crickets and creeks and want some quiet time alone with your spouse or partner, book a few nights at Hawley Farm. You might even consider taking the entire family south to Orange Beach or even Arkansas for a family fishing vacation – you can find ideas for this on the Fishing Booker website.

A New Way Of Life?

No matter where you choose to take your outdoor vacation, if you find that you really don’t want to leave, it might be time to consider buying a vacation home. Keep in mind, however, that buying a second home means that you will have to put down at least 20%. You may have to take out a second mortgage or ask your mortgage company about a home equity line of credit/home equity loan. One tip here is to find a house that can easily be rented so that you can recoup your investment.

What To Pack For An Outdoor Trip

Packing for an outdoor trip takes some careful planning, but, once you have it down, you have everything you need to enjoy your time. Family Vacation Critic recommends a backpack, sunglasses, hats, and the right attire for your specific adventure. You also want to look ahead at optional supplies and gear to bring with you depending on the season. In summer, this might mean bug spray and sunscreen; late fall and winter means packing the right clothes to layer up as night falls.

Looking Ahead

In addition to planning ahead by packing the right things, you’ll want to talk to people who live in the area you’re planning to visit. They can clue you in on any insider tips that might point you in the direction of “off-the-beaten-path” locations that won’t be overcrowded but will give you a true taste of the naked earth.

Quiet time in nature, whether alone or with the people you love the most, can do you a world of good. When you reconnect with the earth, you get a valuable opportunity to just slow down and be one with the world. You also experience plenty of other benefits, including unintentional exercise. And, you never know, you may find that your favorite vacation space may become your second home.

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