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Going Camping? Keep These Tips In Mind Before Hitting the Trail

Imagine this: you’re standing on a scenic ridge looking across miles of natural beauty. Before you is a pristine lake—your eyes trace the ripples that travel across its surface. A deer emerges from the woods. You make eye contact with the creature for a moment before it vanishes into the forest. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, wishing this moment could last forever.

Experiences like these are why millions of Americans flock to the nation’s parks and woodlands to camp every year. But getting the most from your camping trip means accepting the wilderness on its terms. Mother Nature will host us as long as we play by her rules. Failing to show her respect, however, can lead to trouble. So let’s look at a few basic camping tips, courtesy of Hawley Farm Glamping.

Know the Lay of the Land

Many campgrounds include bathroom facilities, picnic tables, and even electrical connections and internet service. Others are almost as undisturbed as they were a thousand years ago. So know what you're getting into ahead of time to avoid unwelcome surprises. Visit the location’s website or call a wildlife management office in the local area. Remember that you may need to reserve a spot for your tent or RV.

Prepare Yourself

A first aid kit is an essential part of any outdoor excursion. Hiking and camping stores sell kits designed for outdoor adventurers. You can also assemble your own kit if you like. If you take prescription medicines, remember to bring some along as needed.

Always pack a little extra food and water. It’s better to have too much nourishment than not enough. And take extra batteries for your electronic devices.

Remember to inspect your vehicle while you’re prepping for your trip. Check your tires (including the spare) for proper inflation and tread depth. Give your belts and hoses a close look-over, and make sure your fluids are at recommended levels. Most auto shops can perform these tasks for a reasonable fee.

Know Yourself and Your Terrain

Camping offers a perfect way to match your adventure to your interests and your abilities. Getting the most from the experience, however, means being honest with yourself about your physical condition. Some people can hike mountains all day and never break a sweat, while other folks may prefer flat terrain. This is important to remember because hiking trails vary widely in terms of difficulty. Seek out resources about the difficulty of the trails you’ll encounter, for example Hiking in the Smokys.

The weather can present its own challenges. Check the forecast for the area you plan to visit and dress accordingly. Stretch before and after any physical activity and wear suitable shoes. You may find a walking stick helpful for comfort and balance.

Notes About RVs and Campers

Recreational vehicle camping lets you spend time in the great outdoors while enjoying easy access to life’s comforts. RV Life Campground Reviews has reviews of RV campgrounds across the country. Check out these tips for preparing an RV for summer travel.

Many people who own an RV frequently use it and couldn’t imagine life without it. But owning an RV comes with its own set of factors to consider. You may be best served by renting an RV first to ensure you’ll enjoy owning one.

Remember to be considerate, especially if you’re camping near others. Clean up your trash, extinguish fires with water until they’re soaked, and minimize any noise you make. This will help everyone to have a good time.

Safety Considerations

Here are a couple of final thoughts to bear in mind while camping:

  • Avoid picking wildflowers or berries. There’s an old saying among campers: leave nothing behind you but footprints; take nothing home with you but memories.

  • Unfortunately, many travelers can fall victim to theft, so it’s important that you make a plan for keeping your valuables safe – especially if you travel abroad. If you're heading to a place like Cancun, Rio, or India, you might even want to set up an account with a low-cost but trustworthy money transfer service in case you hit a snag and need money sent safely and securely.

Whether you are in a tent or an RV, a camping trip is a splendid way to refresh your mind and invigorate your body. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy yourself! That’s what spending time outdoors is all about.

Hawley Farm Glamping is a secluded, luxury boutique glamping resort located near Kansas City Missouri, in the heart of Midwest farm country in Hamilton, Missouri. Glampers experience the feeling of their own personal suite, on the secluded private acreage. Call 816-589-9448.

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