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How Entrepreneurs Can Budget Money and Time For Their Next Getaway

Why do we like to go on weekend trips? Besides the fact that vacations — however short — are

fun, the main value of a weekend jaunt is that it serves as a rejuvenator. It’s a way to break up

the monotony of the daily grind and bust some stress.

But there’s often a hitch in this plan. If the trip costs an arm and a leg, it may end up causing

more stress than it alleviates. This is especially true if you’re a busy entrepreneur with many

employees, since the last thing you want is for things to fall to pieces during your break.

Presented by Hawley Farm Glamping, here’s how you’re probably spending too much on your

weekend vacay and how you can do it all for less.

You’re paying too much for airfare

Most weekend trips will require flying, as the time it takes to drive cuts into the short amount of

time you have from Friday through Sunday. Many of us just accept airfare as a super-expensive

aspect of any trip, and this is unfortunate. There are a variety of ways to save on airfare.

First, check for deals and rebates on a site like Buying flight tickets directly from

the source is rarely the best option. Next, remember to book somewhat early (but not too early).

Research has shown that the ideal time to book a flight (for price consideration) is between 1

and 2 months out. The more flexible you are the better — this goes for date and destination.

Also, if you can leave on a Thursday instead of a Friday, your tickets will likely be cheaper.

You’re overpaying for accomodations

Once you get to your destination the real cash suck begins. Don’t pay too much for your various

accommodations like lodging and transportation. Start by searching for deals on sites like and major car rental sites like Enterprise. These companies often offer specific

discounts on a timely basis, which makes checking frequently imperative.

Another way to save on lodging comes in the form of peer-to-peer rental apps like Airbnb —

specifically renting our private rooms instead of the costlier option of renting entire

homes/apartments. In terms of saving on transportation, see if you can forgo the car altogether.

Many destinations are walkable, and ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft, as well as public

transportation, could be enough to get you around.

If everything about a weekend stay at a luxury resort appeals to you except the price tag,

glamping at Hawley Farm is your perfect solution! You’ll experience the great outdoors in a

gorgeous, private suite that will change the way you think about tents forever. If you want to

enjoy some rest and recreation without roughing it, contact us online or give us a call at 816-


You’re not bringing enough with you

One place people fail to save money is on travel supplies. This includes toiletries, medicines,

entertainment, event tickets, and even food. The more you can buy for cheaper before you

travel, the less you have to buy on the fly when it will likely be more expensive. Make a list of

what you’ll need on the trip and try to acquire as much of it beforehand as possible. Look for

coupons for sites that sell these necessary items at places like and

You’re spending too much on food

Probably the biggest travel cost apart from airfare and accomodations is food. It’s one of the

most enjoyable aspects of travel — eating well — but it can get expensive if you’re not smart.

Here are a few ways to save (while still enjoying yourself).

● Eat street food. If you’re in a place that has it, street food is not only the cheaper option

over restaurant fare most of the time — it can also be the most delicious.

● Eat your fun meals at cool restaurants in the afternoon. Lunch is less expensive than

dinner at most restaurants.

● Spend less at restaurants and supplement with cheaper snack food.

● Don’t be afraid to go grocery shopping and cook a meal of two while you’re traveling.

Some rentals and hotels have small kitchen facilities.

● Book accommodations with free meals included.

For your next weekend trip, try planning far in advance and being flexible on the time and on the

destination. If you do this, you’ll be on your way to booking a vacation for less. And by making

sure your business is set up for smooth sailing, you’ll be ready to enjoy some true, budget-

friendly R and R. Nothing feels better than having a great time on the cheap.

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