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In the beginning...

I was not a person that enjoyed camping at all. The "work vs. fun" ratio seemed out of balance for me. All the stuff one needed to bring to be comfortable, all the set up and all the tear down (not to mention putting everything away when you got back home) .... it was a big fat "Nope" for me! Then one day my husband talked me into pitching a tent next to our newly built farm pond and spending the night. I was a tiny bit reluctant, but he is the guy that makes everything fun, so I thought, alright, I'll give this another try. We arrived in the hay field to find the grass was way up to our necks! Doug was sure I was going to tap out so he looked at me and asked if I just wanted to go home. I told him I was staying and to roll the truck back and forth till we had flattened the grass enough to have a campsite and pitch the tent. He was surprised! After setting up we set down to relax by the pond and the magic of Hawley Farm began to reveal itself to me for the first time! We sat in our chairs and watched the sun go down as the mist slowly rose from the pond and the myriad of stars began to come out one by one until the sky was so magnificent it took my breath away. I don't remember everything that happened that night but I do remember this, I was forever changed! These are the pictures I took that first evening...such great memories!

Stay tuned for more to come.

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