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Head Outside to Combat the Effects of Nature-Deficit Disorder

Image via Pixabay

Technology seems to be the answer to a lot of our modern-day problems. Unfortunately, spending too much time on our favorite devices and not enough time in the sun can result in something called “nature-deficit disorder,” a condition that affects both kids and adults alike. Here’s the good news: If you think your family is suffering from nature-deficit disorder, there’s a solution right outside your back door. Below are some resources that can help you and your loved ones get outside — whether you decide to keep it local or head out for some adventures that take you beyond your neighborhood.

Take a Trip Into the Great Outdoors

Stay At Home — But Get Outside!

Overcoming nature-deficit disorder doesn’t have to be complex — all you have to do is get outside and start moving! So, use these resources as a jumping-off point to get your family to put down their devices and pick up some new healthy habits.

Jenny Miller

Putting an End to Nature-Deficit Disorder

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